Three fashion trends that need to disappear

Trends come and go. Some classic styles like the white shirt and denim pair are here to stay, and I don’t see them exiting. A great blazer is a fashion staple for every fashionista and so is a great pair of boots.  Some trends have had breakthroughs in the fashion world because a celebrity was seen wearing it or because it has gained massive popularity in social media. But some of these need to go because, in plain words, they are just unappealing.

  1. Dad sneakers, aka Ugly dad sneakers:

Need we say more? In the past five years, sneakers made a comeback, and it wasn’t just an outfit choice for high school kids anymore. Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were seen wearing them often. But during late 2017, all hell broke loose when Balenciaga updated the dad sneakers to high fashion status with the Triple S sneaker. After that, dad sneakers began to sell like hotcakes, and brands like Adidas, Nike and New Balance followed suit by selling the sneakers at ridiculous prices. To come across an Instagram model posing with those chunky soles with the hashtag comfort with style wasn’t uncommon. But most people have described this as a fad and to be honest; this is one trend that needs to disappear and leave it entirely up to the dads!

  1. Super ripped jeans:

Worn out jeans are bound to tear at one point in its lifetime. But ripped jeans became a phenomenon in the rock/metal/punk community circa the 1980s. It was meant to display teenage angst and rebellion.ver, the 2010s saw an enormous rise in this trend, and not that it is bad, but people took it a notch too far where the whole leg can be seen from the thighs to the ankle with only a string of fabric holding the “pants”. So, yes, super ripped jeans need to take the exit because it is just the opposite of classy.

  1. Chokers:

Yes, all of us have been victims of pictures with 13-year-olds posting with chokers flooding your news feed. Although it may seem cute, there is a massive history behind it. In the 19th century, prostitutes wore a black or a red ribbon tied to their necks as a means to show their profession. In the 1940s, they were referred to as dog collars, and after that, it saw a steady decline in the trend. Although the trend made a comeback in the 1990s, because of the lack of social media, the idea became a passé. But out of nowhere, the trend popped up, and it was hard to miss. Thanks to Instagram and Facebook, the majority of the masses are begging for the trend to end along with this decade.

Fashion is indeed an individualistic choice, and people are free to express their individualism through their style. However, some trends are just a façade, and it needs to end at some point, like the above three trends.